Webinar: Leadership for Equity and Engagement (For Vaccinations and Beyond)


Recently, I hosted and moderated a presentation / panel discussion webinar with a team from Legacy Health, a health system that's based in Oregon.

Their CEO, Kathryn Correia, by the way, is a former ThedaCare leader who is a great advocate for Lean. Listen to a podcast that I did with her last year as part of the Habitual Excellence podcast series.

The webinar, part of the Value Capture webinar series, is focused on the health system's goal of increasing staff vaccination rates.

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Were joined by a diverse cross-functional team as they discuss:

Equity and Engagement: An Approach to Improving Staff Vaccination Rates

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe the need for justice and equity in COVID-19 vaccination campaigns within healthcare
  • Review tactics for educating and engaging racially diverse healthcare employees about vaccination
  • Identify key characteristics of stakeholders and content experts that help build vaccine confidence

The approaches discussed in the webinar will have applications beyond the current vaccination challenge, so I hope you'll tune in to learn and participate by submitting your questions.

You can listen to a quick preview with two of the presenters here:

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