The One Where I’m Interviewed About Lean in Healthcare (and Also Talk Metrics)


I love it when Lean concepts cross the boundaries of different industries, settings, and professions.

Somebody pointed Dominic Rubino to me as somebody who could be a guest on his podcast. His podcast is focused on cabinet makers and woodworkers. I don't know anything about that field. But, I think our conversation goes to show that concepts of Lean, Kaizen (continuous improvement), and practices for metrics are pretty transferrable across industries.

Dominic had Paul Akers on the show and Paul's a more obvious fit for that show, since Paul's company FastCap started off making supplies for woodworkers and cabinet makers.

But, Paul learned Lean and brought it into his workplace. And then Paul teaches people in many other industries (and countries). We can all learn across these boundaries and borders, right?

Maybe it was Paul who pointed Dominic to me. Thanks to whoever did that.

Here is the episode, recorded and posted as a video podcast on YouTube:

If you want to hear Dominic ask me about the latest book, click here.

You can also listen to it as an audio podcast, with multiple links found on this page.

Or, use this player:

One excerpt (here is the full transcript):

When problem solving, I asked Mark,“How do I figure out the top, the most important performance metrics to focus on?”

Mark says It all boils down to maybe four key indicators. Find what's important to moving forward in your business and use some simple questions about those things to tell you what you need to know about your growth, profitability, cash flow, etc.

I hope you enjoy the discussion. I did. Dominic asked great questions and I appreciate him having me on the show.

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1 Comment
  1. Dominic Rubino says

    Hi Mark, this is an excellent summary and overview of the show. Im glad you came and joined us. I completely agree with you. The concepts of Lean work everywhere- because they are brutally honest and simple. I actually like the fact that you’re not from the finished wood products industry- because it shows all of us that lessons and great messages can be found everywhere….

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