A Discussion About the Current State of Lean, Practicing Lean, and More


I'm speaking in Iowa today at a “Lean Healthcare Exchange” event hosted by the Iowa Lean Consortium. Please say hello if you're there and you're a blog reader.

As part of the prep for the event, I was a guest on the podcast that Steve Wilson is producing for the ILC. Steve interviewed me before for a podcast he used to do called “Quality Conversations.” Those episodes are linked below:

Here is that most recent episode:

I hope you enjoy the discussion. It's hard to generalize about the “current state” of Lean, as we discuss in the podcast.

I also share some reflections and stories from the book Practicing Lean, and some other thoughts that are prompted by my study of “Motivational Interviewing” and change.

I'm curious to hear what you think of the podcast discussion. What's your take on “the current state of Lean in healthcare” or, more broadly, “the current state of Lean?”

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