What Were the 10 Most Read LeanBlog.org Posts of the First Half of 2017?


Thanks everybody for reading my blog here in 2017! It's been an interesting year on the blog, as usual, and I appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to read and participate in the discussion. I hope this site will continue to be a part of your life in the second half of 2017.

I unveiled a new site design back in April. I hope you like the changes and I appreciate the ongoing feedback that helps drive continued improvement.

Here are the ten most-read posts of the year, according to Google Analytics (popularity doesn't imply quality, but it's interesting to see what people are reading and sharing) — data through June 28.

You can also see which posts or pages have the most views, all time, since I started the blog in 2005.

I'm happy that one of the Top 10 posts is from a guest author on the blog, as I've always enjoyed bringing different voices to the community here.

Posts Written in the First Half of 2017

Here are the top 10 most-read posts:

  1. The United Flight 3411 Mess, Holding Individuals Accountable vs. Fixing the System [Updates] – 20,560 views
  2. The Oscars, An Embarrassing Preventable Error, #Lean, and Process Improvement – 5,655 views
  3. Lean is Not Just Process Improvement – 2,031 views
  4. This Apple Store Sign Seems to be a Sign of Apple's Broader Troubles – 1,796 views
  5. What Does It Mean to Have a “Lean Management System?” – 1,649 views
  6. Why You Shouldn't Call Yourself “Sensei” Or Make Others Call You That – 1,444 views
  7. A Lesson From Toyota: Thanking Employees for Pointing Out Problems – 1,276 views
  8. My Visit to Cleveland Clinic: Seeing Leaders Engaging Staff in Meaningful Improvement – 1,153 views
  9. Visuals vs. Visual Management, Revisited with More Examples – 1,017 views
  10. Better Metrics & “Understanding Variation” – An Important Topic for Healthcare – 854 views

It's easy to see the spikes in site traffic that were driven by blogging about The Oscars and the United Airlines incident:

I also enjoy continuing to write occasionally for the LinkedIn Influencers series.. and here are some of my posts from the first half of the year, many of which were summaries of my Lean Blog Interviews podcasts:

2017 Podcasts

I've continued doing some “Lean Blog Audio” podcasts where I read blog posts, like this one:

And I'm still doing my Lean Blog Interviews. I've taken a bit of a break, but will ramp these up again in July.

Some recent episodes:

If you can think of people you'd like to hear me interview, please contact me.

Some of these posts are habitually popular, appearing on this list every six months:

Thanks for being part of my community here! Thanks for reading and listening!

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