Some Great #Lean Videos from the State of Washington (@ResultsWA) on Culture, Leadership & More


This Post in <50 Words:  Here are some recorded keynote talks and video presentations from the “Results Washington” annual conference, as part of the state's Lean government efforts. See this post for talks from LEI's Jim Womack and John Shook, Toyota's Jamie Bonini, and many healthcare improvement leaders.

Results Washington” seems to be one of the bigger and more active “Lean Government” initiatives at a state level in the United States. Follow them on Twitter as @ResultsWA.

They run an annual conference and their website has a treasure trove of slides and videos from past years' events.

Here are some videos that I think you and your team might like to watch together and discuss, regardless of whether you work in manufacturing, healthcare, government, or any other setting. I'm not saying these are the best videos or the only good ones… but I'm choosing certain topics with an admitted bias toward people I know.

Bookmark this page and come back, because there are many great videos that I'll embed below, from earliest to latest. Slides and even more content can be found on the Results Washington page.

Darril Wilburn on Problem Solving


Darril is a former Toyota guy and I've always enjoyed hearing him speak at events. He's a fellow Texan (we need more Lean Government initiatives in Texas, if we even have any). He's one of the editors of a book that I think is very under appreciated: Toyota by Toyota. It's a must read.

Sammy Obara on Leading Lean


Sammy is also a former Toyota guy, a colleague with Darril at Honsha, and is also a co-author of Toyota by Toyota.

Dr. Sanford Melzer on Lean Management Lessons from Seattle Children's


I haven't met Dr. Melzer, but I do really respect the work done at Seattle Children's. I'll be doing some workshops there in May through Catalysis, if you want to learn more about that. I'll be doing a Lean Fundamentals workshop and my new “Better Metrics” workshop.

Elizabeth Bennett on Lean Culture at Seattle Children's


Another talk from Seattle Children's. It's great to see them sharing their lessons with another industry… we need more of that, in all directions.

Barb Bouché on Toyota Kata


Again, from Seattle Children's:

Daniel Hanson on Improving MD Workflows


A presentation from Virginia Mason Medical Center, also in Seattle.

Harry Kenworthy on Employee Driven Performance Excellence


I've interviewed Harry, a Lean government expert, before for my podcast and hosted a KaiNexus Webinar that he gave last year.

John Shook Reflections

John needs no introduction… here is my podcast with him on Managing to Learn.

Natalie Sayer on Leading Lean


Natalie has been a guest on my podcast before, as well, talking about her book Lean for Dummies, 2nd Edition.

Jim Benson on Lean for Knowledge Work

Jim is a good friend of mine and, guess what, a previous podcast guest.

Don Dinero on Training Within Industry

Training Within Industry (or TWI) is a very important topic for healthcare…

Jamie Bonini – Direct from Toyota

I've blogged about Jamie before and he helped provide some Toyota context for the 3rd edition of my book Lean Hospitals. This video is a must view… hearing about Lean and TPS directly from the source and a guy whose TSSC team helps many organizations outside of Toyota.

Jim Womack Keynote


Jim also needs no introduction… my past podcasts with him.

Were there any other videos that stood out to you from the Results Washington page?

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