Should You Engage Your Employees in Continuous Improvement?


Here's a fun video that I created for KaiNexus, based on this clever flow chart.

The answer, most always, is YES! If your employees are human and you really want to improve, you should engage your employees in improving safety, quality, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

And KaiNexus can help.

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  1. Ville Kilkku says

    An old meme could be altered to deliver this message too:

    “What happens if we let our employees improve their work?”

    “What happens if we don’t?”

    1. paul teunissen says

      I can’t agree more. Having started a lean programme with an oil major in front/back office environments driving the programme to a success it was all about engagement and change mindset of both senior management and operations by demonstrating tangible results and solutions. CI can’t work without people’s overall buy in. It is a mind set

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