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KaiNexus taller version of logoOur team has been doing some cool stuff over on our KaiNexus website and I wanted to batch up the sharing of some of that content here.

Should You Engage Your Employees In Continuous Improvement? [Quiz]

I really loved this flowchart that was created by Maggie Millard, our Director of Customer Experience. It's very tongue-in-cheek but there's a serious message that would leave you asking why you would NOT want to engage everybody in improvement.

Here's the top part of the flowchart… click on the image below to see the whole thing. What's that little dog all about?  :-)

Engagement Flow Chart - FINAL top

Webinar Recording – Leadership Behaviors

Dr. Greg Jacobson and I did a webinar last week: More Leadership Behaviors That Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement. It's free, if you fill out a short form. You'll also get a link to our initial webinar from last year with the first 25 leadership behaviors that we talked about there.

You can also sign up for our next webinar, on February 26, where our friend Michael Lombard will talk about: “The Kaizen/Kata Nexus: How A Free Idea Can Be Priceless.” He'll give an overview of the “Toyota Kata” methodology and will talk briefly about how he previously used KaiNexus to help support those efforts (at a past health system).

10 Improvement Haikus

What's the plural of haiku? Haiku? Haikus? Turns out either one is acceptable (ah, a lack of standardization… or just a fairly loose standard?).

Either way, if you're a fan of that form of poetry, you might enjoy these 10 haiku, created again by Maggie Millard.

Here's my favorite:


See all ten of them here. We have a few people writing their own haiku, leaving them as a comment on the post. Check them out and add your own.

My Wacky Video

Maggie's creative flowchart inspired me to animate it, using Prezi, and I did a voiceover that turned into this video:

My KaiNexus Blog Posts

I occasionally write some blog posts for our KaiNexus blog, including these recent ones:

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