Two Webinars This Week – Kaizen Leadership & KaiNexus


I'm going to be participating in two webinars this week (including one that is also a live presentation in Austin).

Tuesday August 13: HIMSS Meeting in Austin (and Webinar)

himss kainexus kaizen webinar meetingDr. Greg Jacobson (from KaiNexus) and I will be giving a live presentation to a local HIMSS meeting in Austin from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Click here to learn more and register. It's free for members and non-members.  If you'd like to participate in the webcast, click here for more details. There is a $15 fee for non-HIMSS members. You can log in for free:


 Members and Non-Members can attend the FREE online webcast!

LIVE WEBCAST starts about 11:45AM at the following web address

Then simply enter the Meeting ID: 918-408-491

Use a VoIP (headset recommended) and please mute your microphone.

To access by phone dial: 630-869-1020

Access Code: 918-408-491

We will be talking about continuous improvement and Kaizen in healthcare, along with giving a software demonstration.

Wednesday August 14: Gemba Academy Leadership Webinar

kainexus leadership gemba academy webinarOn Wednesday, Greg and I will be giving a webinar on leadership for continuous behavior (ideas that work across industries, including healthcare, non-profits, retailing, and manufacturing).

Leadership Behaviors that Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

It's a free webinar and a brand-new presentation for us. We hope you'll join us and thanks to Gemba Academy for hosting it.


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Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized consultant, author, and professional speaker who has worked in healthcare, manufacturing, and startups. His latest book is Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More. He is author of the Shingo Award-winning books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, as well as The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. He also published the anthology Practicing Lean that benefits the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation, where Mark is a board member. Mark is also a Senior Advisor to the technology company KaiNexus.

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