Podcast #180 – Dan Florizone, Lean in Saskatchewan Healthcare

dan florizone

Joining me for episode #180 of the Lean Blog Podcast is Dan Florizone, who served from 2008 until last month as Deputy Minister of Health in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Dan has just recently transitioned into his new role as the Deputy Minister of Education and he will also focus on the application of Lean principles across all departments of the government.

Dan previously had over 25 years of healthcare management experience, including a five-year stint as CEO of the Five Hills Health Region. Dan and I first met a few years back when we were at a Lean healthcare conference hosted by Cindy Jimmerson. I really enjoyed talking with Dan and have closely followed the Lean healthcare transformation work being done in the province.

In the episode, we talk about Dan's introduction to Lean, his 2005 visit to Seattle to learn more, and how Lean is part of their “patient first” model. Lean has been a shift from “traditional cost cutting” to a “patient-centered, not provider-centered” approach to care. Lean has helped change their leadership model, where “the barrier to our change was thinking,” as Dan says.

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 Videos of Dan Florizone:

Dan Florizone from IPAC on Vimeo.

Putting Patients First: Using Lean to Improve the Patient Experience in Saskatchewan from CareOregon on Vimeo.

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