KaiNexus Update: Making Improvement Easier in More Industries


kainexus-logo 250wThere's been a lot happening since my last update on the blog about KaiNexus, the technology company that “makes improvement easier,” where I am “chief improvement officer.

Our initial market has been healthcare, given that our co-founder and CEO Greg Jacobson, MD is still a practicing E.R. doctor and he initial learned about and practiced Kaizen as a resident (as documented in this journal article). Our first 15 customers have been healthcare organizations (mostly healthcare delivery), but we've had sights on eventually expanding into other industries. We've signed our first non-healthcare customer – a trucking and logistics company, TBM Carriers.

It's exciting to see how a distributed team like a logistics company uses KaiNexus. Sure enough, people in different roles find things that are relevant to their own work and customer needs. We've made this page that talks about KaiNexus in other industries.We've talked to many companies in manufacturing and other industries. If you'd like to talk to us about KaiNexus, let us know. We have a manufacturing-focused demo that we can do for you. You can also register for our next webinar on April 24.

What is KaiNexus?

KaiNexus is an improvement management system that allows you to collect, manage, track, report, spread, and log improvement work. Whether your organization focuses on projects, rapid improvement events and/or staff driven daily improvement, KaiNexus manages this work to make it easier. Most organizations currently try to manage improvement work in emails, spreadsheets, generic document management tools, idea management tools and/or collaborative project management tools. These systems all fall short, as they have not been designed to manage improvement work. If you or organization is serious about improvement, I hope you'd check out what I have been up to at KaiNexus.

In other news:

We've signed a partnership with a leading Lean healthcare consulting firm, Healthcare Performance Partners, and a partnership with VHA Georgia.

We've published a few white papers:

You can watch a video of Dr. Nancy Cheschier (the first of a coming series) talk about using Kainexus at the University of North Carolina Health System.

And our latest education video (see the whole series):

Thanks for tolerating the commercial message, if you've read this far. It's been almost two years since I joined the team at KaiNexus and it's very exciting times. Thanks to those of you who have been interested in our progress.

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  1. Mark says

    KaiNexus looks promising and will simplify the lean tracking and implementation process. Which is always helpful when undertaking a lean project.

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