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Photos from the Toyota San Antonio Plant Visitor Center

Following up on my recent post on the tour of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX) plant in San Antonio, here are some pictures from the visitor center… You can compare this to what was displayed at the Toyota Museum in Nagoya, Japan and two pictures (in this post) from the visitor center of a Toyota plant in Japan.

Cameras aren't allowed in the factory, though, so no pictures there. A good portion of the visitor center focuses on the Toyota Production System:

kaizen relentless pursuit of perfection through innovation drives continuous improvement

the toyota way continuous improvement and respect for people

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“Can you speak Toyota?”

do you speak toyota? Japanese lean/TPS terms

Taiichi Ohno

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To those who might say that Lean / TPS is only about efficiency and not also quality:

absolutely no defects

The visitor center has a small robot that kids can watch… and, of course, the robot is properly locked out and even has a safety checklist in a standardized work format. It doesn't really seem to be part of the exhibit… it's just required.

toyota lobby robot


lobby robot toyota standardized work

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