Weekend Fun: How “Toast Kaizen” Should Have Ended


I've probably seen the “Current Condition” portion of the fantastic “Toast Kaizen” DVD  (from GBMP) more than a hundred times over the past seven years.

At the end, when Bruce learns that his wife wanted raisin toast (when he made white toast), I always thought a sound effect was missing… or the sound would play in my head. I finally, through the power of iMovie, added the appropriate comical sound effects… the losing music from The Price is Right with a variation of a “sad trombone” sound effect.

Maybe this is the beginning of a burgeoning Toast Kaizen industry that could include:

  • Alternative “director's cut” endings
  • Fan fiction novels (ala Star Trek and other properties) — what's the backstory to Toast and the characters?

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  1. Shana Padgett says


  2. Eduardo Osorio says

    Today we literally were wondering how a laugh track would fit right at that moment. We may have seen that video too many times….

  3. Walter Reade says

    I love Toast Kaizen. I’ve shown it to my kids (10 and 15) who not only enjoyed it, but “got” the point!

  4. Walter Reade says

    There are also some places where Yakety Sax Polka would fit well.

  5. Karin Groen says

    Love the sound effect.
    I think the burgeoning industry has already begun. Check out ‘Beer Kaizen’ spoof posted in 2010…


    1. Mark Graban says

      Yes, an early entry into the “Toast” ecosystem!

  6. […] As I created back in 2012, situations like my friend’s and Toast Kaizen maybe call for these sound effects? […]

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