Upcoming Lean Conferences and Webinars


Here are a few upcoming events to mention:

  • Webinar with Mike Micklewright as Dr. Deming
  • Free Webinar with Dr. Sami Bahri, “The World's First Lean Dentist”
  • ValuMetrix Services Lean Workshop in Louisville KY
  • Dan Jones / Lean Enterprise Academy Lean Healthcare Summit in London

Details below:


Webinar: Mike Micklewright as Dr. Deming, “Out of Another #%&* Crisis”
May 21, 1 to 3 pm EDT ($199)

You probably know Mike from my podcast with him as Dr. Deming and his sample video.

Program Highlights

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Why we need Dr. Deming's Principles more today than ever before
  • Principles 1st, Culture 2nd, Tool 3rd
  • How deficient American business is in abiding by Deming's Principles
  • How Lean, Six Sigma, and ISO 9001 either supports or does not support Deming's principles
  • Leadership qualifications, preventers, and promoters
  • Continual – vs – continuous improvement
  • Why knowledge and leadership is more important than Certifications, Degrees, and Black Belts


Webinar: Follow the Learner: The Role of a Leader in Creating a Lean Culture
Dr. Sami Bahri, D.D.S., Founder, Bahri Dental Group, Jacksonville, Florida
Presented by the Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.

A Free Webinar
May 14, 2009 at 2:00 PM EDT

You probably also know Dr. Bahri from my podcast with him and my coverage of his work here. He's a true Lean Thinker, so his webcast should be of broad interest:

BUT… this is NOT a webinar for just those in health care! It is for people at all levels of lean experience in any type of organization who want to better understand the universal application of both lean methods and leadership practices. Bahri Dental Group is a microcosm of any service organization and Dr. Bahri is a model for a leader as a learner and teacher.


ValuMetrix Services has a set of workshops in Louisville, Kentucky June 3 and 4.

June 3 is an overview seminar called “Leading Lean in Healthcare” for hospital leaders and staff to learn about Lean and hear case studies presented by a number of hospitals. Yours truly will be the keynote speaker in the morning.

The next day, June 4, we have a special workshop with David Mann, author of the Shingo Prize-winning book Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions. David's day-long workshop will cover a “lean management system” including:

…a concise, behavior-based model, specific steps, and tools: a lean management system. Lean management along with the process changes of lean implementation leads to a dramatically different culture – a lean culture – and strengthens integration of the “hard” and “soft” sides of lean for sustained success. The workshop moves briskly between brief presentations alternating with hands-on tasks to create working prototypes of the everyday tools of lean management.


I will be attending the 2009 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit that Dan Jones and the UK's Lean Enterprise Academy will be presenting on July 10 in London. The conference will include speakers and case examples:

Join us for a very different one-day conference where for the first time we will present a practical lean methodology for linking islands of improvement to realise the full potential of lean across a truly lean hospital.

Hope to see you at one of these events (although “seeing you” at a webinar isn't the right way of saying it!).

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