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Mini Lean Carnival


Here's a mini Lean carnival of some good posts from other blogs about Lean:

Got Boondoggle? Lost in Translation

Great story from Mike about someone going to the “Gumbo” (plus one other Lean buzzword butchered, funny stuff). Good lesson about making sure we explain Lean in terms that aren't intimidating or foreign to people.

Daily Kaizen: Voice of the Member

Group Health Cooperative brings us some posts, Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, from a patient (member of their health system) who was participating in a kaizen event (“Rapid Process Improvement Workshop,” or RPIW). On Day 1, the patient writes:

I am heartened by the fact that my healthcare organization has a culture that supports learning – a culture where it is apparently safe to own problems, recognize limitations in knowledge or its application and acknowledge mistakes. As an educator who has also led organizational development, I appreciate how very difficult it is develop an organization with the capacity to learn from experience. As a patient in this healthcare organization, I could not be more pleased.

Gemba Panta Rei: Toyota Number One in the World… in Recalls?

Jon Miller brings us a post that discusses Toyota's problems with product recalls, including some Japanese video clips.

TPM Log: Automation & The Lean Enterprise

Mike Gardner has a nice post about the need to be rational about automation in a Lean context, we can't just have knee-jerk reactions against it. As written in the Toyota Way, you have to use proven technology that serves your people and processes. Mike is reinforcing that point.

Evolving Excellence: 787 Dreamliner Built in 10 Minutes!

Kevin Meyer continues picking a fight with Boeing over their convoluted-seeming 787 supply chain.

Those aren't the only good posts out there in the lean manufacturing blogosphere, but those are some I had queued up to read (yes a batch process!!).

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