Everyday Lean on Danish TV — the Actual Show


Thanks again to Peter from Denmark for telling us about this TV in an earlier blog post.

Peter reports back once again now that the show has actually appeared (show link here, with a link to video). You can also try translating the page to English here. Peter wrote:

The show started out by introducing the couple that would have their everyday life improved by implementing Lean measures. Both of them worked at a very lean factory, in a company called “Vola”. The company produces tap, mixers and related products. The boss of the factory (a very young guy btw!) started out by explaining how they had reduced the time it took to produce a tap from 41 days, to just 28 minutes.

Cut to the home of the two workers. They both explained how they had house-work of about 1 ½ hours per day that needed to be done, and any measures that would reduce this “non-value-added” time would be greatly appreciated.

A consultant from the Danish company “Implement” was given the task to find places in their home for improvement. He started with at task that he must have learned from your blog: The sorting of clothes by color, before they are put in the basket containing the dirty clothes. After this their closet was sorted out, so that all seasonal wear was put aside, so that it could be put away during off-season. 5S was then introduced in the kitchen, with regard to the messy drawer containing their seldomly used utensil, and a process for sorting the cutlery before it was put in the washer was introduced. In the end of the show the consultant made a weekly plan so that they could structurize their shopping and chores. In this way it would never become a surprise if something was to be done. In this way the need for “last-minute-production-orders”was reduced, and it seemed to reduced non-value added time.

That was about it. Overall a good, hands on, no frills introduction to Lean, and good examples from everyday life.

If you are interested the show can be downloaded as a podcast from the site, and even though you do not understand it all, you will recognize a lot of the stuff that is implemented.

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  1. Yea, Vola is a good example. Started the journey in about 2002 and basicly got rid of thier staging warehouses in other countries. Today I 35% of all orders are delivered within 48 hours and 50% within 72.

    Production times went from over 40 days to 28 minutes! So, they used “true believers”.


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