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From blog reader, Peter, in Denmark:

Hello again Mark.

Half a year ago I reported on a story in Denmark concerning Lean in the kindergarten.

Now I am bringing you new news!

The Danish television show “Rabatten,” which translates into “The Discount,” is dedicating a lot of next week's show to the idea of “Lean” and especially, since this is the idea of the show, how families can use the “powers” of Lean to improve efficiencies in their homes!

If you want I can report on it when it has been broadcast Thursday the 3rd of May.

“The Discount” is viewed by an average of around 650.000 people, which translates into about 13% of the population. It is a show generally concerned with how you can save money in your household, and also involves testing of various products.

On this link you can read (in Danish) the teaser for next week's show.

And here is the homepage for the show.

Thanks Peter! Let us know what you see and maybe you can share some pictures or video from the show, somehow.


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  1. David says

    Kind of in the tradition of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, the pioneering industrial engineers whose story was the basis for “Cheaper by the Dozen.”a

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