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You have reached this page on www.LeanBlog.org from a link on www.KaiNexus.com. The connection? Mark Graban, the founder and primary blogger on this site, is the VP of innovation and improvement services for KaiNexus.

If you are a first-time visitor, there are a few ways you can navigate this blog:

Note: The content, views and opinions on this blog are those of Mark Graban and/or the other authors and are not necessarily those of KaiNexus.

mark graban lean blog Welcome to KaiNexus Readers leanAbout LeanBlog.org: Mark Graban is a consultant, author, and speaker in the “lean healthcare” methodology. Mark is author of the Shingo Award-winning books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, as well as the new Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. Mark is also the VP of Customer Success for the technology company KaiNexus.

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