The Real Dr. Deming – "Prophet Unheard" Video

If you’re not familiar with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, check out this 30 minute special, put on YouTube in three pieces. Look at the 1980’s videos of American smashing Japanese import cars with sledgehammers. That was a mature response to global competition. Look where that got us. It’s too bad the energy expended there wasn’t put into learning and practicing Dr. Deming’s teaching on quality, management, and business.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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6 Comments on "The Real Dr. Deming – "Prophet Unheard" Video"

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  1. Mike says:

    Wow! That is the first time I’ve seen videos about Deming. Every American needs to see them… would behoove us to seriously reflect on his principles!

  2. Peter P Patterson, MD MBA says:

    Thanks for posting these videos. I have an old dog-eared copy of notes from Dr. Deming’s 4-day course which were given to me by a colleague at Beckman Instruments in the early 90’s. I never had the opportunity to personally hear Deming. Now I feel I have finally had a direct experience of him.
    /Dr. Pete

  3. Mark Graban says:

    2 minutes into part 2 is a nice section debunking the myth that Deming thought you can’t manage what you can’t measure. He says be careful of measures.

  4. Mark Graban says:

    Ha ha, in part 2 about 8:30 in when they mention a company in Miami winning the Deming Prize, there’s a gratuitous swimsuit shot… glad the documentarians took their work seriously…

  5. Vladimir Dzalbo says:

    Argh! Thanks for sharing!

    That was so great! Was watching a video of red bead experiment earlier today and here I stumbled upon this video about Dr. Deming. Very productive day for me!

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