Webinar by Elisabeth Swan: Deepen Your Lean Leadership Skills with Brain Science [Recording]


I'm happy to have hosted another webinar, presented by Elisabeth Swan as part of the KaiNexus continuous improvement webinar series. Scroll down for a preview of the webinar and a transcript of it…

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Deepen Your Lean Leadership Skills with Brain Science

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You can enter to win one of three signed copies of Elisabeth's new book Picture Yourself a Leader: Illustrated Micro-Lessons for Navigating Change. How to enter? Post or re-post about the webinar on LinkedIn and use the hashtag #KaiNexus.

The Webinar Description: 

We often underestimate our influence on others. We fail to recognize the impact we have on people, their work, their ability to solve problems, and thrive. Whether we hold formal leadership positions or not, we all have the power to affect those around us. However, the way we think, speak, and act may not always bring out the best in ourselves or those we interact with. This can lead to missed opportunities, strained relationships, and less-than-ideal outcomes.

Come join this 1-hour webinar to get insights on how to use the reality of how our minds work to address those people-centric challenges and become a force for good. You'll get tools to enhance your ability to help people navigate change and make a lasting impact on the organization and those around you.

You can watch a short preview discussion about the webinar here and hear it in the KaiNexus podcast series.



Mark Graban: Hey, everybody. Welcome to the “KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast.” I'm Mark Graban. Today, we're doing a quick preview of our next webinar. It's going to be presented April 18th, one o'clock Eastern. It's titled “Deepen Your Lean Leadership Skills With Brain Science.” You can register by going to kainexus.com/webinars. You can look for a link in the show notes.

If you are listening to this or watching it after April 18th, the recording will be available, so I encourage you to check that out. We are joined today by the presenter for this webinar, Elisabeth Swan. Elisabeth, how are you?

Elisabeth Swan: I am great, Mark. Nice to see you.

Mark: It's good to see you, and looking forward to the webinar. It's going to be really important connections to Lean Leadership and continuous improvement. Before we talk about the webinar on the 18th, I'll get to introduce you. Today, I'll ask you please introduce yourself. Tell the audience about who you are and what you do.

Elisabeth: I've been in the process improvement world for many decades now, over 30 years. I have been either a coach or a consultant helping people with transformations, trying to build problem-solving cultures. I've also been an instructor, a trainer, you name it. I've also written a few books, and one that just came out last week. [laughs]

Mark: Congratulations. Tell us about the new book.

Elisabeth: The new book is called “Picture Yourself a Leader — Illustrated Micro-Lessons for Navigating Change.”

Mark: That book is available now, and we'll encourage people to go and check that out. I had the chance to read a preview copy of it, so thank you for that, Elisabeth. I think it was great. I was happy to do an endorsement for the book as other people did. Congratulations again on that. Tell people also about the Just-in-Time Cafe.

Elisabeth: The Just-in-Time Cafe, Tracy O'Rourke and I co-founded the cafe to be a hub for problem-solvers. It's a place where people can learn and grow. We put on free webinars every month, mother, authors, and thought leaders.

We also co-host a podcast together every month with also highlighting authors, talking about helpful apps, what's out there to help problem solvers, and also interviews with authors, practitioners, leaders in the problem-solving world.

What did I say? Did I mention Q&A? Yes, we always take topics that are just things we wrestle with a lot in the problem-solving community. Often things would pop up and we'll dive into what's popped up of late.

Mark: I hope people will go check that out. You can find it either on YouTube or whatever podcast app. Whether you're watching or listening to this, you can go check out the Just-in-Time Cafe. Before we talk about the webinar, on the book, we have new standardized work here for the webinars, [laughs] so I got a little bit tripped up.

We're giving away as we've been doing recently, three signed copies of Elisabeth's new book, Picture Yourself a Leader. To enter to win, if you are listening or watching to this before April 18th, all we ask is that you…Here's how you enter. You can share about the webinar on LinkedIn. You can post or re-post something from KaiNexus or me. Use #KaiNexus.

Then from the people who have done that, we'll randomly select three winners, and you will get a signed copy of Elisabeth's book fresh off the press. I'll put a little info about that again in the show notes. You'll be one of the first. The book has been number one in the new release lists. You won't be the very first to get it, but you'll be one of the first. Again, congrats on that, Elisabeth.

Elisabeth: Thank you, Mark. Thanks a lot.

Mark: Let's talk about the webinar, Deepen Your Lean Leadership Skills With Brain Science. It's a rich topic. I know you'll cover a lot during the webinar, but if you would give us a little overview, the high level, the topic, and why people should tune in.

Elisabeth: This came out of a lot of what I ended up writing about in the book, which was the things that we do that that we don't realize we're having an impact on other people. We don't realize we're influencing people when we are. When we don't realize that, often it doesn't go the way we would like it to. A lot of what I discovered doing a little bit of research was we're hardwired for a lot of it.

The way our minds work, the way our eyes work, what we hear, how we process things. Knowing those things helps me, so I thought I would take people through here's those things that are going on in your mind or the way we process, and here's ways to get ahead of that and have the impact you want.

Mark: Some of these things being wired doesn't mean they're unchangeable. We maybe need to be aware of human tendencies so that we can take some countermeasures to try to get past that a little bit.

Elisabeth: Yeah, we always have a choice, but you don't even know what's happening most of the time. Once you know it, you can't un-know it. Now you're like, “Oh, I immediately want to do that, so I'm going to have to count to 10.”


Elisabeth: Definitely, you can have a hand in it and experiment, as you say.

Mark: I encourage everyone to come, tune in for this full webinar, whether you're watching live, you can ask questions, speaking of Q&A, or if you watch the recording, I know there'll be a lot of value there. Again, that webinar presented by Elisabeth Swan. It's titled Deepen Your Lean Leadership Skills With Brain Science, April 18th. Look for a registration link in the show notes or the comments.

Again, to enter to win three signed copies of Elisabeth's book, share about the webinar on LinkedIn and use the hashtag #KaiNexus. With that, Elisabeth, thank you in advance for doing the webinar. Congrats again on the book. Thank you for joining us. Is there anything else that you'd like to say before we head off?

Elisabeth: Yeah, I encourage you to come, join. It would be a great webinar, and it's an awesome book, so you definitely want to get in there for a copy.

Mark: As somebody I know said, picture yourself a reader of this book. That's pretty [inaudible 6:49] .

Elisabeth: [laughs] Mark's Graban's on the cover of my book.

Mark: It was heartfelt. I hope that wasn't a corny turn of phrase. You wouldn't have used it if it was too corny.

Elisabeth: I know. I loved it.

Mark: We've talked about improv before. Was that a yes and…? [laughs]

Elisabeth: Yes, and I loved it. [laughs]

Mark: I hope people will picture the book in front of them paperback or Kindle version. [laughs] It's available on Amazon if you don't win one of the three free copies. Elisabeth, thank you again.

Elisabeth: Thank you, Mark.

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