Lean Whiskey #38: Toasting the U.S. Micro Whiskey of the Year (Glenns Creek OCD #5), and the Need to Recommit to Patient Safety



What do you do when you are chosen as Jim Murray's US Micro Whiskey of the Year? You pop in to join Mark and Jamie on Lean Whiskey to talk about it. At least that's what our friend David Meier of Glenns Creek Distilling did in Episode 38.

While we were able to drink, and celebrate, the success of OCD #5, we also explored David's continued learning, problem solving, and improvement of whiskey production. We also learned that he was featured on an episode of Moonshiners: American Spirit, more of a documentary exploring the production of American spirits than the original show. 

After David departs, Mark and Jamie discuss a recent report featured on NBC outlining that 1 in 4 hospital visits result in adverse events. This comes from a recent study on patient safety published in the New England Journal of Medicine. We break down the statistics, explore the real meaning behind those numbers, and discuss the causes and contributing factors. Throughout the dialogue we cover process improvement, problem solving, near misses, organizational learning, and psychological safety. We also spend time looking at Dr. Don Berwick's editorial about the study, and at least try to summarize his contributions to patient safety. 

Mark and Jamie wrap up the first episode of 2023 talking about books. We hope everyone has a wonderful 2023. Happy New Year, and Cheers!

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