Free Webinar Recording: 4 Key Steps to Get Buy-In


I'm happy to haved hosted and moderated another webinar, as part of the KaiNexus Continuous Improvement webinar series.

It's titled:

4 Key Steps to Get Buy-In

It's being presented by Sarah Baker a Consultant & Facilitator with IQC.

You can register here to view the recording.

At the end of each webinar, we ask attendees some survey questions, including one about what is your biggest challenge when it comes to continuous improvement.

A very common response has something to do with getting “buy in.”

“How do we get buy in from our CEO about Lean?”

“How do we get buy in from front line staff about improvement?”

You could point that question in any direction or at any level of the organization.

With her background in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Sarah is well positioned to share some ideas and frameworks about getting buy in — how can we best collaborate with people?

Getting buy in isn't about forcing people to change. And I know Sarah's webinar will give us some great alternatives to a forced, top-down approach.

You can listen to a short preview podcast here:

Again, please view the recording by registering here.

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