Operational Excellence Mixtape: July 17, 2020


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Healthcare – Creating Value for Patients

Virginia Mason's 20 year pursuit of measurably better value for patients is paying off during pandemic-related travel restrictions through their innovative mix of telehealth and in-person care.

Hospital-at-home services are becoming more popular.  They keep patients where they want to be and out of Emergency Rooms and Medical Units.  Mayo Clinic is expanding its hospital-at-home model nationally.  The main barrier – reimbursement / payment model.  

24 hour shifts and ridiculous schedules are a tradition and rite of passage for medical residents.  It undoubtedly contributes to burnout and stress, yet it endures.  Many argue that patient safety must be affected.  A NEJM study shows that residents working 16 hour shifts made more serious errors than those working 24 hour shifts – a counterintuitive result. I would love to see one with 8 or 10 hour shifts.

A physician-CEO of Rush University Medical Centre explains why post-covid will require leaders to be honest, agile, and flexible.  Dr. Lateef discusses this and more in A Hospital CEO On How the Pandemic Might Lead to Health Innovation. 

Operational Excellence

Today's employees are better educated and more capable. Engaging them in improvement and innovation enhances their development, sense of contribution, and produces real results.  Check out this excellent case study from Michelin in Harvard Business Review's Harnessing Everyday Genius

When discussing quality issues or projects, there is much debate about what method to use.  But what about managing everything else?  What is your method?

Quality and productivity are the same thing.  Avoid these common mistakes as you seek continuous improvement

Branding suffers without attention to the customer experience.  CX design is king

Renovating your old house is like transforming your corporate culture

Leading & Enabling Excellence

People understand the value of humility in a leader, yet we continue to be seduced by charismatic leaders and drawn to arrogance.  More in Why Humble Leaders Are Rare.

A great piece in CEOWorld Being Humble: The Importance of Vulnerability and How Leaders Can Embrace It

HBR's case study of the Wells-Fargo cross-selling scandal is a great read and poses excellent questions. 

15 Common Leadership Communication Problems (And How To Correct Them).

Coaching – Developing Self & Others

Daniel Pink tells us How Not To Be Overwhelmed Right Now.

When coaching others, avoid “white knight syndrome”, where your self-worth is tied to rescuing people.  Here's how to reestablish your role from rescuer to coach

Books, Podcasts, Videos

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Katie Anderson's new book Learning to Lead where she shares the wisdom of Isao Yoshino on his experiences leading at Toyota. 

Dr. Danielle Ofri has seen her share of medical errors and shares some compelling insights in this excellent NPR podcast “A Doctor Confronts Medical Errors — And Flaws In The System That Create Mistakes” (34 min)

Simon Sinek and Bob Chapman share some brilliant leadership insights on A Bit Of Optimism (30 min).

Simon Sinek on Why You Shouldn't View Other Companies as Competitors (2 min)

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