Podcast #368 — Steve Feltovich on Deming and the Toyota Production System


My guest for Episode #368 is somebody I've met fairly recently through his excellent posts on LinkedIn, Steve Feltovich.

He is the president of SJF Consulting, Inc. and he previously had a long career in the automotive industry, in particular collision and repair.

Steve learned about Dr. Deming's approach and also learned the Toyota Production System from Toyota and Toyota University, so he has an interesting perspective that I really appreciate.

I hope you enjoy the discussion!

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Questions, Topics, Quotes, and Links:

  • Steve's LinkedIn page
  • Mary Walton's book on Dr. Deming
  • What was your first exposure to TPS and Deming? 
    • Which order was it?
  • What are some of the Deming concepts that resonate most with you?
    • A system – where to start?
  • Learning from Toyota — Toyota University
  • Tell us about applying Deming, TPS, Lean in your career…
    • In collision and repair
    • Parallels to healthcare?
  • What sort of consulting do you do now?
  • Your linkedin headline: “Driving change for measurable improvement” 
    • What does that mean to you?
  • Why is TPS “diluted” sometimes?
  • What does it mean to drive out fear?
  • Should sales commissions be eliminated? Why are they “the root of all evil”?
  • Where to start?

Thanks for listening!

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