Adam Lawrence on The Wheel of Sustainability


My guest for Episode #362 is Adam Lawrence, managing partner with Process Improvement Partners LLC.

He's an industrial engineer who had a long career working with TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean at Thomasvile Furniture and other Armstrong World Industries companies.

Today, we'll talk about setting kaizen events up for success with effective charter documents and team selection. What's the role of leadership? Adam will also talk about the “wheel of sustainability” (scroll down for an image and a PDF that he provided).

Adam will also mention a free virtual workshop that he's doing on Monday, April 6th. It was supposed to be done in person at a conference… but given the current circumstances, he's trying to make lemons into lemonade and I appreciate that he's offering up that opportunity for folks.

February 2021 update: His book is now available!

The Wheel of Sustainability



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  • Adam's LinkedIn page
  • His company page
  • His virtual workshop on April 6th
  • Introduction and background 
  • What's the role of a “Lean Champion”?
  • How is it transitioning from an internal role to being an external consultant? What have you learned?
  • Kaizen Events – how do you set up for success?
  • Talking about Chartering Events
  • What is your “Wheel of Sustainability”?

Thanks for listening!

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