Join Us For Another “Ask Us Anything” Broadcast on Tuesday


Ask Us Anything Videos - KaiNexusDr. Greg Jacobson and I have been co-hosting a live video broadcast called “Ask Us Anything” for a while. We take questions that have been submitted by our KaiNexus community and spend about 30 minutes answering them and discussing.

You can view our next episode, #11, which is being shared on Tuesday February 14, through GoToWebinar, by registering here at

You can view all past episodes through this YouTube playlist (and episode #11 will be added):

We've also recently started chopping up past episodes to put individual questions into different YouTube videos (which makes it easier for people to find and share an individual question and response).

Those videos (the Q&A from episodes 8, 9, and 10) can be found in this playlist:

A few of those individual questions…

How can we make time for improvement?

How should we spread continuous improvement throughout our organization?

How can we measure the level of employee engagement?

I hope you enjoy the videos and find them to be helpful and/or thought provoking. Again, please sign up for Tuesday's live broadcast… and you can submit your own question, if you like.

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