Webinar Recording – Why Change Management and Lean Are So Important

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Yesterday, I did a webinar about the “ExperienceChange” workshops that I'm facilitating and would love to bring to your organization.

In the webinar (view the recording), the first part talks about the need for change management practices and higher levels of employee engagement. That doesn't mean somehow forcing people to go along with what you want to do. It means real engagement and collaboration.

Note: The “Lakeview” simulation is no longer available, but I can conduct the same workshop with a different simulation that's based on a manufacturing company.

Why do people complain about a “lack of sustainment?” What are some of the root causes of that? What can we do about it?

That's the first part of the webinar.

Then, at about 23:00 in, I start talking about how the on-site workshop is facilitated. Click on the link if you want to jump right to that point.

And, at about 28:30 in, I show a brief demonstration of what the Lakeview change simulation looks like. Jump to that part of the video.

I'm curious what you think about the change management challenges and ideas from the first 20 minutes of the webinar, even if you're not interested in the ExperienceChange workshop.

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