My First Live Podcast – Today with Sam MacPherson on Lean Leadership


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.29.01 AMIf you've been a listener of my LeanBlog Podcast series, you might know that I normally record conversations and then publish them into the podcast feed.

Today at noon CT, I'm going to do my first live broadcast of a podcast discussion via the “” streaming platform.

My guest is going to be Sam MacPherson and we'll be talking about Lean leadership, including his lessons learned from his time as a Green Beret. Sam introduced me to the idea of (along with Chris Burnham) and we did a discussion there about a month ago if you want to watch the recording.

Sam wrote up a bit of a preview of the discussion on LinkedIn. You can also find him on Twitter as @leanleaderway.

Topics Include:

  • Differences between Special Forces (The Green Berets) and the rest of the military
  • Similarities between “The Green Beret Way” and The Toyota Way
  • Command and Control vs. Leadership
  • “Commander's Intent”
  • Misconceptions regarding military leadership and industry leadership Lean transformation – you current leadership style and skills wont cut it!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.23.13 AM

So, you can watch live today at Noon CT or you can listen to this when I get the audio in the podcast feed, as normal.

The platform might be blocked by some workplaces. You can view without an account, but to ask questions, you need to connect a Twitter account to


Here is the YouTube version of the recording:

I hope you enjoy it!

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