Gemba Academy Podcasts – Jon Miller on “Practical Problem Solving”


If you've got time over the weekend (or in the near future)… about three hours to be precise… these three four podcast episodes from Gemba Academy are outstanding and they're well worth the time.

Jon Miller, former CEO of Kaizen Institute, and co-author of the book Creating a Kaizen Culture: Align the Organization, Achieve Breakthrough Results, and Sustain the Gains, takes a deep dive into what he and others call “practical problem solving.” Here is a short take on it from Pascal Dennis, as I've learned a lot from him on this approach. Here it is as an eight-step process more similar to the way Jon describes it. The thinking and the mindsets are the same.

One of the keys is, as with A3 thinking, to avoid jumping to solutions or countermeasures!

There's also a related book, by Robert H. Goldsmith, that's a Shingo Research Award winner: Toyota's 8-Steps to Problem Solving.

Here are the podcast episodes with Jon… click on the images to go to the show pages on the Gemba Academy website.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Also, if you haven't gotten your fill of listening to Jon, here is my podcast with him about Creating a Kaizen Culture.

And please check out the full Gemba Academy podcast series and their main site and training videos.

Mark Talking about Practicing Lean

I was also a recent guest on their podcast, talking about a new collaborative eBook project of mine, Practicing Lean. More to come about that project in a future blog post.


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