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Six-Second Vine Video: Plan then Do then Study then Adjust then…


PDSAFor those of you not familiar with Vine, it's a social network owned by Twitter that allows you post videos that are six seconds long. The videos have sound and can loop repeatedly, which allows for some cool effects.

I made a short video that's made up of two three-second loops… the PDSA cycle. Click on the little sound icon in the upper left part of the video to turn the sound (my voice) on or off.

With the sound, this might be pretty annoying if you let it play all day long.

It's meant to illustrate the continuous and never-ending cycle of continuous improvement (the video would play endlessly until stopped).

We identify a problem and understand the situation… we think of something we could do about it. (Plan)

We then test the idea on a small scale. (Do)

We study the effect of the change… was it really an improvement? What did we learn? (Study)

Are we going to continue moving forward with our change (continuing to improve it as we go), tweak the original idea, or abandon it altogether for something different? (Adjust)

Anyway, I hope the video is thought provoking or is, at least, a little bit fun.

What creative Vine videos can you create?

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