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Weekend Fun: Lean in a British Hospital Soap Opera

Hat tip to Paul Levy for sharing this video originally in his blog post.

Here is the video (you just have to watch the first minute to see the intro and the clip where the doctor talks about “Lean processing.):


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How would you work Lean into the script or story line of popular American shows and plot lines? Leave a comment here on this post…

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  1. Mark Graban

    Next week, on NBC’s “The Blacklist”:

    #35 The Bad Lean Sensei

    A bad Lean consultant is running around calling himself a “sensei,” but nearly everything he says is wrong, such as “Lean is for speed and you need Six Sigma for quality.” Reddington reveals the sensei’s identity just in time for Lizzy and the team to hunt him (or her!) down before it’s too late.

    (parental discretion is advised)

  2. Mark Graban

    Next week on CSI, the crime lab implements “Lean” methods to reduce the turnaround time on autopsy cases and other lab analysis, reducing non-value added time.

    CSI will re-launch as a series with 30-minute episodes, instead of being a full hour.

  3. Mark Graban

    Next Tuesday, a very special “Shark Tank: Lean Startup Edition,” where the sharks repeatedly ask the presenters how they plan to validate their hypotheses. Mark Cuban and Daymond John argue heatedly about investing on a product that’s clearly just an “MVP” that might not even be “viable” since it’s all based on vanity metrics.

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