Weekend Fun – Quality Related Band Names (#QualityTermBandName)


I was driving the other day, listening to the 1980s music channel on XM Radio. The DJ announced a song by Duran Duran and it really sounded like “Juran Juran,” reminding me of the quality legend Joseph M. Juran. It made me chuckle to think of a band fronted by Juran (and maybe Dr. Deming playing keyboards).

I started a silly Twitter game asking people to come up with additional jokes with the hashtag #QualityTermBandName. Surprisingly, I got quite a few funny suggestions, my favorites in bold (and you can add more on Twitter or by posting a comment). Some of these are songs (and some of them in the hashtag were, as well). There were amazingly few repeats amongst the tweets….

The first reply came from @SimonCunnane:


Fleetwood Womack

Simon also suggested:

  • Maroon 5S
  • Metallika(izen)
  • The Kan Band
  • Plain White T(aichi)'s

Then, @jeromytimmer tweeted:

Before Pink Floyd David Gilmour was in a band called Sigma 6. #QualityTermBandName #forreal

Wow, that's a great piece of trivia.

Jeromy also suggested:

  • Men At Work (Cell)
  • The Mudas of Invention
  • Air Supply Chain

Other suggestions rolled in — posted here in no particular order:

@iamvinnyp tweeted:

  • AC / D(MAI)C
  • The Why – famous for their song “Teenage Waste-land”
  • Lean Zeppelin and their song “Stairway to Perfection”
  • The Andon Parsons Project

@Jaco4u contributed:

  • David Lean Roth
  • Alice in Supply Chains (I suggested they do a cover of the song “Supply Chain of Fools.”)
  • Jidokas Priest
  • A song by the Beatles: Hey Junka
  • Ohno Doubt

@martinburnsuk come up with:

  • A song by the Village People: It's fun to stay at the PDCA (I would call the band the Villiage Pareto, though)

A cynical contribution from @Kevin_Meyer

  • A Flock of Consultants
@Shmula‘s suggestion:
  • Andonna

From @timeback:

  • Three (P) Dog Night
  • Crowded House (of Quality)
  • Jefferson Airplane (Simulation Game)

One from @schquirels:

  • RIE Speedwagon

This one from @LeanSaskHealth made me laugh:

  • Billy Hoshin (I suggested his song would be “Get Into My Gemba”)

One contribution from @TheLeanEngineer:

  • Justin Time-berlake
Many from @LeanAccountant
  • The opera singer Placido Demingo
  • Andon and the Ants
  • Florence and the Machine (that Changed the World)
  • Hootie and the Flowfish
  • The Grateful SMED
  • Tom Peters & the Heartbreakers
  • Noel & Liam Gallagher were in the band OEEsis
  • The Jackson 5S
  • Elton Jonah

Two from @oshendoschen:

  • TOTO Quality Management
  • The Muda Blues
  • Vanilla ISO 9000 (“ISO, ISO, Baby”)
  • Massive A-takt

Contributed by @oshendoschen:

  • The No-Gos
  • Journey (real band)
  • Fishbone (real band)
  • John Leanon and Poka-Yoke Ono

From @ChristinaKach:

  • Frankie Variation & The Six Sigmas (which made me think of Frankie Value and the Four S's)
  • Batchbox Twenty
  • The All-American Defects
  • (Pare)TOTO and their song “I bless the ways down in Gembaaaa”
  • Kurtosis Cobain
  • Joan Jett & the Shewharts

Contributed by @TomSouthworth:

  • The Rolling (Throughput Yield) Stones and their song “(Takt) Time is on my side”

By @HIflyer:

  • Ace of Bayes' Law – their song is “All That Shewharts”
  • Dock-to-Dokken
  • Rick Greenfield

I suggested a few more:

  • SixSigma and the Banshees
  • David Flowie
  • A song from the band Culture Club: Kaizen Chameleon
  • Lady Gemba
  • The Dave Mudas Band
  • A song from Fleetwood Womack: Don't Stop Continuously Improvin' (or Fleetwood Takt as @LeanAccountant suggested)
  • And the opposite of this theme is the Salt ‘N Peppa song “Push It” (and “Let's Talk 5S Baby…” from @LeanAccountant)
  • The Red Heijunka Peppers
  • The rapper Demingem
  • Hootie and the Batchfish
  • Frankie Goes to Gemba
  • The rap classic “Baby Got Takt” by Sir High-Mix-A-Lot
  • Fiona Andon
  • Barenaked Leanies
  • John Changeover Mellencamp
  • The rap group from the 90s — Takt Team (“Whoomp, There It Is!“)
  • A duo that raps about fishbone diagrams — Enimem and Enimem (the 4 M's, get it?)
OK, when you have to explain a joke, it's not funny.

Photo Credit:

Duran Duran Creative Commons License photo credit: DDFic

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  1. T. Jay Johnson says

    Lean Zeppelin singing ‘Whole Lotta Lean’. :-)

  2. jhawkeye says

    5S Electrical Band
    Run DM(AI)C

  3. jhawkeye says

    Process Village People

  4. Brian Buck says

    Just this morning I heard Howard Jones’ “No One Is To Blame” and thought it would be a good Lean song. Maybe just switch the title to “No One Is To Blame (It’s The Process)”

    A fun post for my Monday morning. Better copywrite it before Doctor Muda or Bill Muri steal the jokes!

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  6. Liviu says

    GM’s Drill Deep (Purple)

  7. Liviu says

    Emotion Regression – Built by Blood

  8. Liviu says

    LA MUDA – Kevin Roldan

  9. Nikhil says

    I dropped these on twitter too, but here they are for everyone’s fun:

    Def(ect) Leppard

    Depeche Muda

    VOCing Heads

    Juran Juran

  10. Richard says

    Interesting suggestions. More manufacturing than quality-related – I was in a one hit band called “Cold Rolled Steel” (after seeing callout on a print)
    For Floyd fans, the trivia above is incorrect: Sigma 6 was one of Pink Floyd’s earlier names, but that did not include David Gilmour.

  11. Andrea says

    Lean (Queen)

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