Happy Birthday, Norman Bodek!


Celebrate Norm's birthday by checking out one of our audio or video podcasts that we've done together (the audio podcast was actually his idea, back in 2006!):

  • Episode #1 (7/16/06) –  Norman Bodek discusses kaizen and employee suggestion systems.
  • Episode #2 (8/4/06) – Second interview with  Norman Bodek, discussing how to stop blaming employees and how to manage in a Toyota Production System manner.
  • Episode #7: (10/23/06) Another discussion with  Norman Bodek, focused on Toyota's response to recent quality problems
  • Episode #11: (11/26/06) A conversation with Norman Bodek, with his take on educating executives and top leadership about lean.
  • Episode #21: (3/26/07) Norman Bodek, talking about how Toyota develops people and how Lean should be good for all employees.
  • Episode #28: (7/29/07)  Norman Bodek, on Training Within Industry and more
  • Episode #32: (11/9/07)  Norman Bodek, on his trip to Japan
  • Episode #36: (2/8/08) Norm Bodek on the new Shingo book
  • Episode #47 : (6/23/08) Norman Bodek on his most recent trip to Japan
  • Episode #55: (12/16/08) Norman Bodek, Lean in Ireland, Part 1
  • Episode #61: (2/12/09) Norman Bodek, Lean in Ireland, Part 2
  • Episode #95: (7/26/10) Norman Bodek,  How to do Kaizen, Pt 1

Video Podcasts:

Happy Birthday!

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