Video Interview with the Lean Dentist


Here is a YouTube video done by the Lean Enterprise Institute with one of my favorite people in the Lean world, Sami Bahri, D.D.S., the “World's First Lean Dentist” from Jacksonville, FL.

The questions in the video include:

  • Why did you want to find a better way to run a dental office?
  • What business problems were you trying to overcome when you launched your lean conversion?
  • What made you think that the lean principles developed at Toyota could work for your practice?
  • How has your lean transformation benefited your patients?
  • How has lean affected your bottom line?
  • Is the book just for dentists?

I agree with Dr. Bahri that the book is very applicable outside of dentistry. I've recommended it to many people as a leadership story, a story about working with a team, and a documentation of a very organic approach to experimentation and finding a method that works best for him. The point isn't to copy Dr. Bahri – but I hope you're inspired to take your own journey.

Dr. Bahri is the author of Follow the Learner: The Role of a Leader in Creating a Lean Culture (conflict of interest alert – it is published by my employer, the Lean Enterprise Institute).


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  1. Ralf Lippold says

    … the first lean dentist I have seen in my life is Dr. Stephan Bollerhoff, Friedrichstraße 11, Bamberg, Germany.Back in 1991 he was running what we call now a Lean Dentist Office – awesome:-)He just did it and I as a customer was more than happy – no wasted time at all!

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