Lean Joke of the Day – Octo-Mom


From our good friend, Mike Micklewright, shared with permission.

What does the Octo-Mom have in common with many American CEOs?

She outsourced the main process, she made more inventory than she can properly care for, and she expects bail-outs.


This next link is totally off topic, but it's apparently NOT an April Fool's Day joke, from Michigan State University:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Celebrating during the NCAA Basketball tournament

You might say this is “standardized work” for how to NOT riot after winning an NCAA championship, something that was a problem the last few times MSU lost in the Final Four.

Not really “ha ha funny” but more “sad funny”.

They offer such nuggets as:

During large crowd activities is not the time to become argumentative or discuss your constitutional rights. If an officer tells you to do something at the time, comply and do it.


Move to an area that is not exposed to the chemical agents / tear gas. Face into the wind and allow the wind to remove the particles from your clothing and body. Use plenty of cold water to wash the exposed areas of the body and flush the eyes with plenty of water. After washing the exposed areas, use paper towels to pat the areas dry. The effects could last for as long as two or three hours.

Yikes. Go Green, Go White?

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