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Doofus and Leanie Cartoon #1 – Gemba


Back in February, I did a parody of a “Goofus and Gallant” cartoon, if you remember them from “Highlights for Kids” magazine that was in every doctor's office and dentist's waiting room.

I was having some concerns about copyright infringement, and I asked if anyone was interested in doing some drawings for some original items. I got a response from a Lean Blog reader, Mike, in New Zealand (what a global Lean world, this is!). His son, Ed, is the artist for this and future efforts.

Click on the cartoon for a larger version.

Text by Mark Graban, Artwork by Ed Butler:


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  1. Brian Buck says

    I love it! Very visual and a great message. I will have to bite my tongue next time I want to call a manager Doofus when they manage from an office!

  2. Dan Markovitz says


    Maybe it should be called “Lamey and Leanie”? After all, you’re the guy who came up with LAME.

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