Best Lean Overview Videos?


Hi everyone – I got stumped on a reader question…. what's the best Lean overview video/DVD that's out on the market now (for a manufacturing audience).

“Can you recommend a video that will explain the basic concepts of Lean for those with no experience or knowledge of lean? Ideally, it would sell people on the necessity and superiority of Lean. We may need a Spanish version as well.”

Recommendations from AME? GBMP? LEI doesn't have a video, do they?

Advice? Click “comments”.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Toast Kaizen

  2. Anonymous says

    I love Toast Kaizen, but I think that if someone is hesitant to use lean it is not a great video, because they will say something like yea we do that and not really think anything more about it, because they can’t see the power of the precise vocabulary that he uses in the video. If they are willing to learn, it is a perfect starter, but I would be curious to see if there are more all inclusive videos out there. By the way I used Toast Kaizen in a training yesterday and it was perfect for the task.

  3. Mark Graban says

    I love Toast Kaizen, but it doesn’t quite tell the whole Lean story.

    A better stand alone video would cover some of the history of Lean, what benefits it brings at an organizational level, etc.

    Toast Kaizen is a great “point” video, used for training once context has been set (training that I do in person before ever using Toast Kaizen).

  4. Dean Bliss says

    I agree with Mark. Maybe there’s an opportunity out there for someone???

  5. Mark Graban says

    Now, for hospitals, I do think the video “Good News: How Hospitals Heal Themselves” is a good overview. Not perfect, but really good.


  6. Anonymous says

    I love the “Good News” for hospitals. We have found that staff respond a lot better to that DVD than to Toast or any Manufacturing style videos.

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