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Ask Me About My Book! And Other Topics

Thanks to my book coach Cathy Fyock for the "Ask Me About My Book" coffee mug and for the coaching she's provided along the way for...

Reader Question: Would You Call This a “Lean Burial”?

I try not to use the word "Lean" as an adjective that means "better." We see this a lot online, the so-called "Lean boarding...

When Should We Lower a Target and When Should We Try...

Today, I'm sharing a question from a reader who started their career at Toyota and now works at another company. See previous posts with...

Reader Question: What Type of Waste is This in Our Healthcare...

Here is an international reader question from somebody working in healthcare in the Middle East. The reader writes: I would like to thank you for your...

Reader Question: More Clarity in Visualizing Hospital Performance Data

I received another reader question (submit yours here) and it's about statistics, "daily Lean management," and visualizing performance data. Hey Mark: I like your posts...

Reader Question: Why Did I Get Into Lean Healthcare?

A reader asks why I got involved with Lean in healthcare. In this post, I share what I wrote about this in the preface to "Lean Hospitals" and I share some additional thoughts and reflections.

3 Recent Audience Questions on Kaizen & Continuous Improvement

Here are three audience questions we didn't have time to address after a recent talk that I gave... questions about engaging people in improvement and about how to share and spread improvement ideas broadly.

Reader Question: A Lone Wolf in #Lean Facilitator’s Clothing

Today's reader question comes from somebody who has been put in the position of what I call "the lone wolf" in a health system. This happens a lot. A health system hires or designates one person to be "the Lean change agent." It doesn't matter how amazing and/or experienced this individual is... I'd very skeptical about the organization's Lean journey.

Reader Question: How Many People & How Much Time for Improvement?

A Lean-thinking physician from Canada asks how many people an organization or department should have in a dedicated Lean or continuous improvement function. How much time is needed from staff and managers?

What are the “Quick Wins?” Ask the People Doing the Work

Last week, I received a few questions from somebody at a hospital system and I thought I'd address one of them here: "Can you suggest any "quick wins" to get staff engaged in a Lean culture?"

Reader Question from an MD: One Shot to Talk to the...

Before I head out on vacation, here is a reader question that I am sharing for your input.I'm sharing this with permission and I'm...

Reader Question: Determining & Meeting Hospital Department Demand

Here is another question emailed to me by a reader, so I'm answering it here (with the reader's permission and removing any identifying details): The...