LeanBlog Podcast #46 — Dean Bliss, Lean Healthcare


Episode #46 is a chat with a good friend of the Lean Blog, Dean Bliss, a Lean Improvement Specialist with the Iowa Health System. Like myself, Dean made a transition in from manufacturing into health care a few years back, he'll share some of his experiences and recommendations for how to use Lean in a hospital and how to make that transition. He will also share some stories about how his hospital prioritized what problems to solve with the Lean methodology.

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Episode #46 Key Words and Links:

  • Lean in hospitals, making a transition from manufacturing into hospitals, how to get started with Lean in a hospital, what are the differences between working with people in these different settings?
  • Iowa Healthcare Collaborative
  • World Research Group event, June 25-26
    • The 2nd Annual Summit on Deploying the Toyota Production System & Lean Healthcare in Hospitals

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  1. Bob Yokl says

    Mark, this was a great interview and a perfect insight in how to begin the Lean journey at any hospital or health system in the country. Dean kept the model simple yet moved the evolution through not only helping his health system but many of the hospitals in his state/region.

    Well done Mark and Dean!

    Bob Yokl

  2. David Carlton says

    Clarke Ching recently recorded an interesting podcast about using the Theory of Constraints to improve healthcare in the UK; apparently
    there’s even a school offering a class in that now. It sounds like they’re doing an impressive job at improving flow.

    Located here

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