Trouble in a Fort Worth Hospital


JPS patients get shortchanged as cash surpluses keep growing

This linked article is a preview of what I'll be blogging about next. I'm trying an experiment in posting an article first… what comments do you have? Don't worry, I'm not totally outsourcing the blogging to the readers :-)

What a mess. Reading stuff like this will help you see the opportunities for Lean — well, it's not just “Lean” but some good leadership. Maybe a mess like the hospital described in the article is beyond repair. It's embarrassing that this is the local county hospital in my area.

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  1. Dean Bliss says

    Hopefully the problems are not beyond repair, but perhaps a little self-analysis is necessary to ensure that the problems are recognized. Using only the article as a basis, it appears that the organization may be in a state of denial about the extent of the problems. I hope that’s not the case, for the sake of the patients ans the community.

  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the unfortunate peek into what Hillary Care would be like… yikes.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hillary CARE ??? Hillary CARE ??? Those 2 words don’t even work together. Hillary cares about Hillary and whether or not she will be capable of SHREEKING one more time in the White House for another 8 years… YEEEEEEKS !!!!

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