A Deming Impersonator?


Saginaw Valley Quality Source – Beta » What Would Dr. Deming Say?:

Has anyone ever heard of or seen Mike Micklewright, a “Deming impersonator?” Interesting idea, I wonder how well he pulls it off?

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  1. Kevin says

    Mike is for real. He gave a highly-rated presentation at the last AME Conference and uses “quality comedy” to get his point across. He also has a DVD called “Batchin'” that basically 5S’s his house to his wife’s dismay. Very intense (as if he’s had about 20 cups of joe), too intense for some, but the point is made. I know he has also helped significantly streamline and whack the bureaucracy out of the quality systems of some major medical companies. And no, I have no relationship to Mike!

  2. Anonymous says

    I have seen him live. I agree with what Kevin said. He is for real, but I do think that your mileage may vary depending on the audience. Our audience did not connect with his comedy routine very much. His workshop presentation had some interesting thoughts regarding using Lean in everyday life, but some audience members were made uncomfortable by some of his racy comments.

  3. Anonymous says

    It’s me – Mike Micklewright. If you wish to see a DVD of my Deming impersonation, I can send you one. I can also send you the comments from the ASQ Grand Rapids section meeting in which this was performed. I received very good reviews and have more Deming keynotes coming up. Go to mikemick.com for info.

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