Why the Interest in GM’s Job Bank?


Lean Manufacturing Blog: GM Jobs bank programs — 12,000 paid not to work

I know it's kind of weird to link to my own post, but I saw the traffic logs and I had HUNDREDS of visits to this page today. Lots of people were searching google about GM's jobs bank and the “12,000” number. Why is that? Was something about that in the news separately today?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Heard a caller on the Rush Limbaugh radio show call in and discuss it. He seemed really knowledgeable about it and said to ‘google’ this article.

  2. Jeff Lewis says

    Rush’s guest host for yesterday talked about it quite a bit.

    I guess the “largest radio audience” must have been hunting down the information in google.

    Particularly since conservatism would equate this program directly to socialism.

  3. Anonymous says

    Not socialism, just weak management who backed themselves into a corner with a bad decision

  4. Anonymous says

    NPR also had a story on the whole thing on their morning news program.

  5. Anonymous says

    Reference about Jobs Bank Article is posted on autoextremist.com.

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