Can You Ignore Your Customers For a Week?


Since I've been moving into “lean healthcare” consulting, I am joining one of the healthcare management societies, analogous to an APICS type organization, I suppose. I'll leave this group un-named.

As I was poking around their website, I clicked on the bookstore, to be greeted wth this:

Please mark your calendar! Due to our annual physical inventory no orders will be shipped January 5 through January 13, 2006. We will resume shipment on January 16, 2006. Thank you for your patience.

Wow, how un-lean. This organization doesn't purport to be lean, but it's hard not noticing the lack of customer focus that's required to shut down for more than a whole week, due to their internal operations needs (a physical inventory). Most of us don't have that luxury, do we???

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