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The Business, the Science, and the Continuous Improvement of “Bar Rescue”

For the Lean minded individual, Spike’s “Bar Rescue” is so much more than just a television show. It is basically a weekly, or binge-watched, case study on process improvement in bars across the country. “Bar Rescue” is another example of how any industry can benefit from continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement of Learning: North East Shingo Conference 2014

Mark's note: Christina Kach is our guest blogger today, with a post about the recent North East Shingo Conference, where she was an attendee. See...

Guest Post: The Best #Lean Offense Isn’t Defense

Mark's note: Christina Kach is our guest blogger today, with a post written on a flight back from visiting what's considered to be one...

Key Takeaways from the 2013 Northeast Shingo Prize Conference

Mark's Note: Today's post is by a regular guest contributor, Christina Kach. I was disappointed that I couldn't attend this year's event in Massachusetts,...

Guest Post: Chopped – Lean Edition

"And the mystery basket ingredients are..." That single phrase, expressed weekly on "Chopped" from Food Network, gets millions of viewers in America to stop...

Guest Post: What I’ve Learned from Lean

Again, I'm going to be pretty much away from the blog through October 11. Today's "blog holiday" guest post is by Christina Kach. Check...

Are Suggestion Boxes Really Going Away? What Say Amazon?

Last week, I found and read an article, "Whatever happened to the company suggestion box?," that makes some really great points about the problems...

Guest Post: Book Review – “Adventures in Leanland”

Mark's note: While I am busy in "moving land" this week, Christina Kach was kind enough to write a review of a book that...

Guest Post: Lean is Patient

Mark's Note: Today is another excellent post by Christina Kach. She touches on many of the misunderstandings of miscommunications about Lean in this post...

Guest Post – #LeanProblems

Mark's Note: Here is the second guest post from Christina Kach. Read her first contribution here. Today's post builds on last week's "Chuck Norris"...

Guest Post: Some Tips & Advice for Young Change Agents

Mark's Note: Today's guest post is by Christina Kach, who I met via Twitter and email. I'm hoping this will be the first in...