The Mistake I Made With the Webinar Slide — A QR Code or QR D’oh!?!


Ah, The Simpsons. I used to love the show back in its glory years. The show has gone downhill for a while… as Homer always says… d'oh! I don't think I quite literally said “d'oh” earlier, but I had one of those moments.

I was doing a LinkedIn Live test earlier to ensure I had my planning and process down for next Tuesday's live event where I'll reveal the cover design of my upcoming book, The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation, as I blogged about the other day:

I haven't done a LinkedIn Live since 2021, I think, so doing a tech test would reduce the risk of an embarrassing mistake or failure next week where, let's say, I couldn't get the live stream working at the scheduled time.

Things worked earlier, technology wise, as you can see in the recording via LinkedIn. Well, I did make a tech mistake by not having the LinkedIn streaming player muted… I'll make sure that doesn't happen again next Tuesday.

It turns out I also made a mistake in the design of the slide that I shared:

And this is why we test things… to discover issues that we didn't anticipate in advance.

I thought I was being clever by putting a QR code in the upper right-hand corner of the slide earlier.

But I didn't realize, until doing the LinkedIn Live test this morning, that the Zoom Webinar video window covered part of the QR code, as you can see below.

QR D'oh!

As an experienced webinar host and presenter, I feel like I should have known about this risk of the video covering the upper right corner of the video.

What's funny is that native Zoom recording doesn't have my video window cover up the QR code. So maybe that was a LinkedIn formatting thing?

But I'm choosing to be kind to myself. The mistake wasn't really that big of a deal. At least I noticed it… and I can focus on improving instead of beating myself up.

I've made adjustments for the LinkedIn Live event that Elisabeth Swan and I will be doing next Tuesday! I hope you can join us. Again, learn how to do so here.

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