Process Behavior Charts: The Christmas Tale / Le Conte de Noël [eBook]


This week, I received an unexpected and incredibly specific Christmas gift from Charles Desneuf on LinkedIn. He wrote a PDF eBook about Process Behavior Charts… and Christmas!

This led to Charles collaborating with me on the English version of the eBook you can read or download in this post. I'm sure this appeals to the small subset of people who celebrate Christmas AND “Process Behavior Charts.”

How This Came to Be:

Charles tagged me in a LinkedIn post that was written in French. I don't read the language, but I could figure out what was happening in the book before going to Google Translate, thankfully.

His book is a Christmas tale that cleverly illustrates concepts related to “Process Behavior Charts.” And Charles cited and mentioned my book Measures of Sucess: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More as a reference at the end of the book.

“Process Behavior Charts: Le Conte de Noël” — which translates to “The Christmas Tale.”

I reached out and asked Charles about possibly working together to translate the book. He agreed!

Here was the process (of course, we are going to talk about the process):

  • He sent me the text from the eBook
  • Charles gave me access to his Canva file where he designed it
  • I created a copy of the file (just to be safe to be sure I wasn't changing his French book file)
  • Copied and pasted French text into Google Translate
  • Tweaked the English output of Google for readability and such
  • Checked with Charles on that language and a few other refinements.

After a number of iterations, we decided it was better to launch now and fix any problems instead of waiting for perfection (and Christmas is approaching!!). We wouldn't want to publish the perfect eBook on December 28th!

English Version:

You can download the PDF or use the flip book reader below:

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Merry Christmas! Let us know what you think about the Christmas tale by leaving a comment on the post, or by sharing on Linkedin.

French Version:

A version that's updated from what was originally on LinkedIn — Download PDF

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Joyeux Noël!!

You can learn more about Charles via his website. He helps “organizations deliver better software, that their customers enjoy, faster & more safely.”

Learn More About Process Behavior Charts:

You can learn more via my blog posts or my book on the topic.

Primary sources for these concepts include the books of the statistician Donald J. Wheeler.

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