What is Dr. Richard Shannon Learning and Sharing?


In some recent posts on the Value Capture Blog, I've shared a look back at two conversations from 2011 — and a look at what one of those interviewees is learning and sharing now.

2011 Interview with the Late Paul O'Neill Sr.

In this post, I republished my 2011 interview with the former Alcoa CEO (and more):

Paul H. O'Neill Sr.: A Podcast From 2011 on Safety, Leadership, and More

I re-shared the original Lean Blog Interviews podcast into the Value Capture podcast feed — “Habitual Excellence.”

It holds up very well and I recommend it to anybody who is looking to up their leadership game.

Dr. Rick Shannon

I also interviewed Dr. Shannon in 2011 for my podcast. One of the things we talked about was how he learned from O'Neill.

In this blog post for Value Capture, I shared that podcast and some recent LinkedIn posts from him about what he's learning:

It's Always Good to Hear What Dr. Richard Shannon is Saying

I hope you'll check that out.

Here are some other posts from Value Capture that were written by me (or my colleagues) recently:

We Need to Reduce Healthcare Staff Infections and Injuries — Now and Always

A National Patient Safety Board – A Key to Fix the National Strategy to Healthcare Safety

Life and Death and Leadership: Safety in Seconds and Centuries

Highlights From “Pursuing Zero Harm: A Powerful Platform for Embedding Lean Capability”

An Audio Summary of the Paul O'Neill “Playbook”

All worth checking out, I think. I hope you'll agree.

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