Revisiting My Interview of Paul O’Neill, Sr. From 2011


It's been almost ten years and I've wanted to re-visit and re-share this interview that I was honored to do with Paul O'Neill back in 2011, years before I was affiliated with the firm Value Capture. O'Neill was the non-executive chairman of the firm until his passing in 2020.

He was, of course, also the CEO and Chairman of Alcoa before becoming the United States Treasury Secretary.

I've shared this interview again, with a new introduction and some slightly-remastered audio (doing the best I can considering it was originally recorded as a phone conference call).

I hope you'll check out the episode and some of the quotes / highlights here:

Revisiting an Interview of Paul O'Neill, Sr. From 2011

You can also read more quotes and highlights here and there's a full (albeit automated and edited) transcript available on the Value Capture page for this episode.

If you enjoy and/or appreciate what Mr. O'Neill has to say, please check out the free eBooks about the work and wisdom of Mr. O'Neill.

Thanks for checking this out. What stands out to you? What are the implications for leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, or other settings?

What does “habitual excellence” mean to you?

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