Instead of Blaming the Worker, Look at Psychological Safety


I recently wrote a post for the Value Capture blog that you might be interested in:

Psychological Safety Means It's Safe to Ask for Help When You're Unsure

As I wrote in the post… Our definition of a phrase that's very important to us starts with:

Psychological safety is “the belief that the environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking by any person.”

We need to shift from a culture of “naming, blaming, and shaming” toward one that has psychological safety for our staff and providers. This psychological safety leads to better physical safety for staff and patients.

In the post, I tell a story about an incident that caused minor harm to a clinic provider… and why the culture (including a lack of psychological safety) might really be to blame.

I hope you'll check it out. Feel free to comment here or on social media if you have thoughts to share.

Free Webinar on Thursday

I also wanted to tell you about the first webinar that Value Capture is hosting, this Thursday. I'll be the host and MC, but it's also going to be moderated by our CEO, Ken Segel. We'll hear from  Missy Danforth, Vice President of Health Care Ratings for The Leapfrog Group and our main guest, interviewed by Ken, is  Michael Bundy, Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Health Baptist Hospital and Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital.

Habitual Excellence Starts with Safety — Before, During, and After a Crisis

I hope you'll join us. If you can't attend live, we'll send you the recording if you register.

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