Some Recent Episodes of “Habitual Excellence” and “My Favorite Mistake”


Today, I'd like to share some recent episodes from these two podcast series…

Habitual Excellence

Here are some of the latest episodes from this podcast that I host for Value Capture.

Dr. David Mayer: A Moon Shot for Zero Patient Harm

Why “CSI Winona” is a Powerful Method for Improvement: Rachelle Schultz

Leah Binder: Covid, Patient Safety, and a New Focus on Nursing Homes

Dr. Lucy Xenophon & Arthur Gianelli, Covid and Vaccination Lessons From New York

My Favorite Mistake

Here are a few selected episodes, from the past few weeks, of “My Favorite Mistake” (which is my favorite podcast to do right now).

Giving in to the Monkey in His Head: Mike Smerklo

Getting Burned Out From Doing it All Herself: Pam Hopman

Realizing a New Job Was a Mistake on Day 1: Eric Twiggs

Interviewing Poorly and Failing To Get The Job, Twice! Terry McDougall

The Time the Phillie Phanatic Didn't Show Up: Dave Raymond

Being Surprised by Losing Her Consulting Role: Kristie Tobias

The Time He Questioned a Leader's Commitment: Adam Lawrence

Learning to Be a Stronger Patient Advocate: Krista Hughes

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