Recording: Billy Taylor & Me Doing a LinkedIn Live “Watch Party”


Of the 32 episodes of the “My Favorite Mistake” podcast that I've released so far, the episode with Billy Taylor has been the most listened to by far — by a factor of five.

Readers of this blog most likely know of Billy from his participation in the Lean community — speaking at the big Lean conferences and more.

I have access to stream live video now through the LinkedIn Live system. Billy and I ran an experiment on Tuesday, January 19th at 1 pm ET…

The Agenda

  • Introductions (about 5 minutes while people are joining)
  • Watch the episode as I stream it to the group (26 minutes)
    • We can talk to each other through LinkedIn Live comments
  • Open Q&A discussion that I'll moderate with Billy (about 30 minutes)

If you can't join us live, the session will be available as an archive on LinkedIn and I'll also post it to my YouTube channel.


If you have already seen or heard the podcast with Billy, you can jump ahead about 30 minutes to hear our follow on conversation.

You can also watch just the follow up discussion via this YouTube video:

How to Watch Future LinkedIn Live Broadcasts:

Here is a page from LinkedIn about how you can find and watch our video.

I'll give you some key points:

  • If you're aren't already doing so, follow me on LinkedIn
  • You might want to make sure you have notifications turned on:
    • To turn live video notifications on or off:
  • Be on LinkedIn (via a desktop browser or the LinkedIn app) and you'll receive a notification about me going live
  • Click to join
  • Or, you can go to my profile page at 1 pm ET on the 19th and you will get notified and/or you'll see it under the “Activity” section on my profile

I hope you'll join us for this experiment. I've done some LinkedIn Live videos to test the technology and my process… including this one:

Here is a test that Billy and I did together:

See you on the 19th!

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